Dutch Total Soccer (DTS) offers a variety of soccer specific summer camps. All camps are geared to progress your child athletically while challenging them mentally to understand teamwork, break down barriers, make new friends, and most importantly have a memorable and fun camp experience.

DTS Soccer Summer Camps are specifically designed to emphasize both team play and individual skill development. By reaching beyond the traditional soccer camp sessions of dribbling, passing, heading etc., players will learn the strategic and mental aspect of the sport through tactical and technical games and drills conducted by our professional DTS trainers. Each camp session is constructed to help players achieve their maximum potential through progressive exercises that are age appropriate, as well as ability appropriate, individually gratifying and developmentally challenging. Camp sessions will encourage your player to step out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons by learning new techniques and implementing new skills in a constructive and safe atmosphere. Our goal is to not only improve your child’s overall soccer ability, but to do so in a comfortable and fun environment!

A low staff to camper ratio in all of our camps insures that all participants will have the benefits of a personalized training environment.

Players are requested to wear shin guards for soccer camps. If participating in soccer camps please bring soccer shoes/ turf shoes if you have and sneakers. (no black soles please).

Soccer Camp Features
•Fully qualified professional staff
•State of the Art facility indoor and outdoor
cLow staff to camper ratio
•Age appropriate curriculum designed by teachers as well as soccer professionals
•Custom camp programs for teams
•Individual evaluations
•Fun and exciting atmosphere!

General Soccer Camp
(Example of a Day – order subject to change)
9:00am – Dutch warm up
9:30am – 1 vs 1 Attacking and Defending
10:00am – Dribbling & relays
10:30am – Passing & Receiving
11:00am – Moving with an opponent
11:30am – Lunch
12:00pm – Dutch 4v4 & 3v3 Games
1:00pm – Futsal/ Goal Master / 1v1/ Golf Soccer / 2v2/ Power shooting /
PK shootout Juggling and Speed Dribbling
2:00pm – Soccer Tennis
2:30pm – Scrimmages
2:50pm – Topic of the day & Demonstrations

DTS Soccer Camps Advanced
(Example of a Day – order subject to change)
9:00am – Dutch warm up
9:30am – Passing and Receiving / First touch
10:00am – Possession Games 4 vs 1 and 4 vs 2/ 1v1 / Scrimmages
11:15am – Lunch
12:15pm – Dutch warm up
12:30pm – Passing moves
1:00pm – Offensive build up over the flanks
1:45pm – Technique of shooting & finishing
2:15pm – Dutch 4v4 and 3v3 play
2:30pm – Scrimmages
2:50pm – Topic of the day & Demonstrations

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